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private office at Daftarkhwan Downtown

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Coworking?
    Coworking is a shared workspace that provides professional individuals, small to medium-sized teams, and freelancers a platform to work together in a community-based environment. Coworking provides a cost-effective solution that enables growth. A good coworking space fosters a sense of community and collaboration among coworkers.
  • What are your operational hours?
    For the following packages - Nomad, Resident, Resident+, and Platinum - our operational hours are from 9 am to 9 pm, Monday to Friday, and 10 am to 6 pm on Saturdays. These same timings also apply to our meeting rooms, conference rooms, and event spaces. Please note that our Nocturnal package, which is offered at limited sites, has different operating hours. For this package, the timings are from 9 pm to 6 am, Monday to Saturday.
  • Can I use the space outside of operational hours?
  • Can I access the space on the weekend/public holiday?
    We are open for business on public holidays, but we do not operate on Sundays, with an exception for events.
  • Can Daftarkhwan be listed as my official business address?
    Yes, if you avail our monthly package, you can enlist Daftarkhwan as your business address and we also offer mail/package handling services at the front desk reception for the respective site.
  • What is Daftarkhwan’s guest policy?
    The number of guests allowed to access our facility may differ depending on the package and team size. For instance, Residents are allowed to host a maximum of 2 guests in the common areas at Daftarkhwan on any given day. Please note that each guest is limited to 2 hours of access per day. If the number of guests exceeds 2 or their time limit exceeds 2 hours, there may be a charge of PKR 500/hour in the common areas or PKR 1000/hour in meeting rooms.
  • How can I become a member? / How do I book a coworking space? / Can I sign up for Daftarkhwan on demand?
    To reserve a dedicated office space, you can use our website, call us, send an email, or visit any of our facilities and speak with our Community Executives to discuss your needs. After confirming space availability, our sales team will contact you to finalize the reservation upon receiving the signed contracts, security deposit and first month's payment.
  • What are the different membership options available?
    We have the following packages available: Resident, Resident+, Nocturnal, Virtual and Platinum.
  • What Daftarkhwan locations do I have access to?
    We have 5 locations in Lahore, 2 in Rawalpindi, and 2 in Islamabad. Daftarkhwan | ONE - Lahore Daftarkhwan | Vogue - Lahore Daftarkhwan | Fairways 101- Lahore Daftarkhwan | Fairways 94 - Lahore Daftarkhwan | Downtown - Lahore Daftarkhwan | Alpha - Chaklala, Rawalpindi Daftarkhwan | Vantage - Rawalpindi Daftarkhwan | North - Islamabad Daftarkhwan | Vanguard - Islamabad
  • What spaces do I get access to as part of my Daftarkhwan membership?
    As a member of Daftarkhwan, you will have access to our shared areas, including the lounge, huddle rooms, meeting rooms, skype pods, and The Yellow Bar.
  • How do I book a meeting room?
    To book a meeting room, you can visit our website, give us a call or send an email. You can stop by any of our facilities for a walk-in tour of our meeting rooms. Our Community Executives will assist you in booking the space, provide you with payment details, and ensure that your day runs as smoothly as possible.
  • How can I cancel my membership?
    To cancel your membership, please inform the Community Executive of your decision. You will receive a refund of your security deposit after serving a notice period of one month - this may vary depending on the length of your agreement.
  • What is the contract length for a membership?
    The minimum contract length for membership is 1 year.
  • What is included in my membership?
    Your membership includes access to our common areas, which consist of the lounge, skype pods, and huddle rooms. You will also have access to front desk services for mail/package handling, and guests are permitted in the common spaces and meeting/conference rooms (charges apply for usage). Additionally, you will have access to wireless internet up to 7 Mbps and unlimited self-service tea/coffee during our operating hours, which are from 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday, and 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday. For our Nocturnal packages, the timings are from 9 pm to 6 am Monday to Saturday.
  • How do the credits included with my membership work?
    Your membership includes a set of complimentary meeting credits which can be used at any of our sites to book meeting rooms, avail of printing service, etc.
  • What packages do you offer for small teams?
    We offer team rooms that are suitable for small teams of 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. We can also provide dedicated office space for your team. However, please note that the availability of these rooms may vary depending on the location.
  • Can I customize a package to fit my team's needs?
    Yes, for tailored office space and package options please feel free to discuss your requirements with our sales team.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my package at any time?
    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your package by informing the Community Executive at your respective location.
  • Can I schedule a tour to see the available options in person?
    Yes, you can schedule an on-site walk-in tour at any of our locations on Mondays to Saturdays between 9 am and 6 pm.
  • Do you offer discounts for longer-term commitments?
    No, sorry we do not offer any discounts.
  • How do I know which package is right for my team?
    Our sales team is available to discuss your requirements and help you identify the most suitable package.
  • What security measures are in place at Daftarkhwan?
    Our site security is operational around the clock and includes monitored facility entrances, several fire exits, biometric access control, lock and key for team spaces, and CCTV with backup.
  • What measures are in place to ensure the safety of personal belongings left in the space? Are there security cameras installed in common areas?
    Yes, we have security cameras installed with CCTV and backup for added security of your personal belongings.
  • Do you have valet parking at Daftarkhwan?
    Yes, we have a valet parking service available at all our locations except Daftarkhwan | Alpha.
  • Do you have an in-house cafe at Daftarkhwan?
    Yes, the Yellow Bar is Daftarkhwan’s very own in-house cafe, stocked with appetizing food and beverages, offering Daftarkhwan members lunch subscriptions and saving them the hassle of arranging their meals.
  • What is the internet speed provided with the membership package?
    Our standard internet speed is up to 7 Mbps.
  • Can I upgrade the internet package?
    Yes, you can upgrade the package for an additional monthly charge.
  • Are mail and package handling included with my membership?
    Yes, we receive your mail and package at our front desk. Kindly inform us prior to the delivery (with advance payment) or if you are expecting mail for a smooth experience.
  • Can I receive mail and packages at more than one Daftarkhwan location?
    It is preferred to get your mail/package delivered at the registered site but we do accept delivery at all sites with prior notice and advance payment.
  • Are there any additional charges for using the printing services?
    Complimentary printing credits are available depending on the availed package. However, you can get more credits if required at an additional cost/per month.
  • Do you provide office supplies such as pens, paper, and staplers?
    Yes, you can get office supplies e.g. pens, board markers, sticky notes, and basic stationery from the front desk.
  • Is there IT support available if I have technical issues?
    Yes, our IT team is available for technical support. If you encounter any technical problems, please inform the Community Executive and they will assist you in resolving them.
  • Can I book the space for events?
    Yes, you can book Daftarkhwan for your events.
  • How do I book a space for an event if I am not a member?
    To book a space for an event, you can visit our website, give us a call, send an email, or stop by any of our facilities for a walk-in tour. Our Community Executives will assist you in booking the space, provide you with additional payment details and ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible.
  • How much does booking a space for an event cost if I am not a member?
    You can book an event space at an hourly rate of PKR 6,500/- (exclusive of sales tax) with 100% advance payment and booking 48 hours prior to the event. Hourly charges may vary from site to site and the number of guests and any additional requirements.
  • What kind of events can I book the space for?
    You can book the event space at Daftarkhwan for community, corporate, and social events.
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