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Private Office

Daftarkhwan offers fully furnished private offices for teams of varying sizes. From rooms catering to a team of four to full floor offices, we provide you with privacy, perfect for team camaraderie and collaboration. 

Boost your productivity in a focused environment. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, our private offices reduce any external distractions and let you do your best work. At the same time, located in the wider network of our agile workspaces, your business has the unique opportunity to connect with other businesses. Gain strategic partnerships, new avenues of learning, an inclusive community and unprecedented synergy.

At Daftarkhwan we provide a seamless end to end experience, helping you customize your workplace. Showcase your unique brand with a customized private office, reflecting your business' personality. We provide lockers and biometric systems that ensure your safety and your work’s confidentiality. 

Develop your company's work culture by getting your own personalized office space today.

Amenities of private offices


Headed by our Community Executive, our team looks after all your administrative needs.


High speed WiFi with a stable connection, ensuring your workflow doesn’t break.


Fuel up with an unlimited supply of tea and coffee.

Mail Handling

Get your packages and mail delivered right to your desk.

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