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Why Cowork?

Daftarkhwan Alpha Coworking Hall

According to a study by Statista, coworking spaces are rapidly proliferating, with 5 million people expected to work in these spaces by 2024. In Pakistan alone, coworking has erupted into popularity with ambitious startups and enterprises from a variety of industries: Coworking Resources reporting a 40% increase in coworking spaces in Pakistan in just the last two years. Amongst these is Daftarkhwan which started as a 20-member facility in Lahore, Daftarkhwan now spans a tremendous 220,000 sq. ft, across 8 sites in 3 cities, with 280+ diverse businesses and a capacity to house 3800+ professionals.

But for those who are still unfamiliar with the concept, the question remains: why cowork?


In an ongoing war between remote work and the movement to return to the office, coworking strikes a balance by equipping the hybrid work model, letting you choose how many days of the week you want to come in, and for how long. Coworking spaces offer a variety of flexible infrastructure from open plan halls, skype pods, and conference rooms to huddle rooms and private offices, catering to businesses of all sizes and digital nomads alike.

Daftarkhwan Downtown Lounge

At Daftarkhwan we take this flexibility a step further by providing members with universal key card access to all our sites and provide clients with scalable office space, adapting to their rapidly growing teams. Daftarkhwan lets you set your own business hours by offering nocturnal packages across Daftarkhwan at Downtown (Lahore), Alpha (Rawalpindi), and North (Islamabad), creating space for members that may be working for international companies or are simply more productive during the night.


Compared to traditional offices, coworking spaces offer a more convenient and cost-effective alternative for your business, providing you with premium amenities like an uninterrupted WiFi connection, an unlimited supply of coffee, and a well-trained staff to cater to your every need. Typically located in commercial hubs and major business districts, coworking spaces reduce your daily commute while opening up your workspace to the finest restaurants and banks nearby.

According to Talal Wallana, Chief Operating Officer at i-5O, “Despite expanding I’m eager to continue at Daftarkhwan. Time is money and no one provides convenience like them.”

Playroom at Daftarkhwan Vogue

Daftarkhwan brings the eateries to your doorstep with its very own in-house cafe, The Yellow Bar. Designed for inclusivity, Daftarkhwan incorporates accessibility features like accessible bathrooms and entrances as well as a kids playroom with vetted nannies, ensuring working parents the peace of mind to do their best work.


Coworking spaces are a paragon of synergy and free flow of ideas, fostering a culture of community and camaraderie with teams working with and around you, providing a unique sociability that improves mood and boosts creativity. According to research conducted by Steve King, partner at Emergent Research, published in the Harvard Business Review, 82% of their sample reported a positive expansion in their professional network while 64% felt the network they gained through coworking was a rich source of work and business referrals.

Downtown Launch Party

Through community events, ranging from stand up comedy to self defense workshops and art classes, Daftarkhwan nurtures an environment which encourages bonding and creative collaboration. Daftarkhwan also hosts a VC Exchange program, where startups have the unique opportunity to raise funds by pitching their startups to angel investors and venture capitalists.

“For me, networking is a big part of my job description- meeting people, working with startups that will at some point be looking for funds to raise,” commented Basit Khan, Analyst at Amaana Capital, “Daftarkhwan encourages you to get to know the people behind the startups .”


With so many businesses under one roof, security becomes essential. Daftarkhwan provides members with private lockers and biometric doors complete with attendance logs. Additionally, all 8 sites offer 24/7 surveillance and onsite dedicated parking, allowing clients the security and convenience of bringing their own vehicles to work.

Security lock at Daftarkhwan Alpha

Located in National Aerospace and Technology Park (NASTP), a Pakistan Air Force-led initiative, Daftarkhwan | Alpha, Pakistan’s only coworking space within a Special Technology Zone, provides its members with military-grade security.

Ibrahim Ali, Co-founder and Head of Engineering at Metstaq, affirmed, “I wasn’t really comfortable leaving my car outside of my old workplace but I know this is a secure facility. I can leave my car here for two days and not worry about it.”

Coworking steadily continues on an upward trajectory, uplifting businesses of all sizes due to its flexible infrastructure and inclusive network of professionals from a variety of industries.

Book a tour now and join Pakistan’s premium coworking space.


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