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Get in the Zone — Pakistan’s first coworking space in a Special Technology Zone

Daftarkhwan - Pakistan’s first coworking space in a Special Technology Zone

Startups are founded on the basis of a remarkable idea that nurtured properly, has the potential to disrupt and economically rejuvenate the whole market. However, starting with little funds and resources, they often can’t afford their own office space. Daftarkhwan sets out to support founders by providing them with agile infrastructure and a network of diverse professionals, empowering you to take the lead.

Daftarkhwan Alpha

For tech startups in particular, Daftarkhwan | Alpha brings together a vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs at the National Aerospace Science and Technology Park (NASTP). Located in Chaklala Cantt, Rawalpindi, Alpha offers state-of-the-art office spaces, conference rooms and premium coworking halls. Fostering a community of ambitious innovators,Alpha connects businesses with a wider network of tech experts and resources found at the NASTP. The tech park further provides scaling startups the added advantage of cutting-edge incubators, simulators, labs, and R&D facilities.

Event at Daftarkhwan Alpha

Daftarkhwan | Alpha, situated in the NASTP, is Pakistan’s only coworking space within a Special Technology Zone. This offers Daftarkhwan | Alpha members the incredible opportunity to apply for a Zone Enterprise License that provides 10 years of exclusive tax benefits for your business.

Special Technology Zone Authority (STZA) is a government mandated initiative to establish large scale designated tech zones, providing the businesses within the Zone legislative and institutional support, forming an unprecedented innovation cluster. Aiming to enrich the ecosystem as a whole, the STZA focuses on providing support at all levels of business growth, from incubation and acceleration to procuring funding, providing startups with a distinct advantage.

STZA advantages for startups

Daftarkhwan invites tech businesses to get in the zone by joining Alpha, getting the chance to apply for a Zone Enterprise License. License holders can get significant tax breaks such as*:

  • Exemption from all taxes under the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001

  • Exemption from sales tax under the Sales Tax Act, 1990

  • Exemption from tax on import of capital goods

  • Exemption from property tax

In addition to the benefits mentioned, the license provides access to extra incentives such as:

  • Ease of opening and maintaining Forex accounts

  • No constraints on overseas payments

  • Fully repatriable investment, profits and dividends

  • Dividend income and capital gains for VC funds

Book a tour to get in the zone and join the ranks of Pakistan’s rapidly evolving tech stratosphere

Welcome to a new dimension.

*All benefits and incentives are up to the discretion and evaluation of the STZA. Find out more here.


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