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Daftarkhwan | Bespoke

Daftarkhwan | Bespoke – a premium office space, personalized to your brand. We invite exclusive established enterprises to partake in the creation process, empowering businesses to customize their offices according to their own distinct requirements. An office space uniquely designed by you, for you, allowing your business to showcase its unique personality.

Bespoke overlooks all aspects of the process. From selecting a hallmark location and designing a vibrant and agile workplace, to extending the hospitality of our trained staff, Bespoke powers your hybrid strategy while enriching employee experience. 

Independent of flagship sites, Bespoke nurtures a more private culture, promoting  intra-company collaboration while simultaneously providing its members access to our vast network. Whether it’s in-house cafes and lush lounges getting the conversation flowing or team and conference rooms where you can really hone your focus, Bespoke awards you with the liberty to pick and choose what works best for your company. It’s your vision, realized by us. 

Daftarkhwan | Bespoke - elevate your corporate experience



Headed by our Community Executive, our team looks after all your administrative needs.


High speed WiFi with a stable connection, ensuring your workflow doesn’t break.


Fuel up with an unlimited supply of tea and coffee.

Mail Handling

Get your packages and mail delivered right to your desk.

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