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Event Space

Daftarkhwan offers spacious event spaces at all its sites for both its members and external clients. From workshops and training sessions to corporate events and industry meetups, our event spaces can flexibly facilitate a variety of events with capacities ranging from 25- 200 people. 

Located in prime central locations, Daftarkhwan offers both, professional indoor event space and outdoor event spaces with breathtaking views that are easy to commute to. Enter a suave and versatile space, perfect for all occasions

Looking to arrange networking events or events to promote your brand? We can reach out to our inclusive supercommunity, made of individuals from diverse backgrounds and career paths. Start a conversation at the heart of the startup ecosystem. 

Daftarkhwan aims to make your experience as seamless as possible. Delivering convenience, we offer Content as a Service (CaaS) to organizations looking for a holistic corporate event experience including coverage, outreach and promotion. 

Reach us at for package pricing and details.

Offering You

Event Space

Food & Beverages

Community Outreach

Souvenirs for speakers

Guest list management

Photography during video shoot

Video content curation, production and editing

Event outreach through digital and social media

*Social media outreach will be limited to stories on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube shorts. 

*Standard-issued souvenirs by Daftarkhwan include diaries, sticker packs, and coasters.

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