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5 benefits of coworking

A woman working on a laptop at Daftarkhwan.

With traditional office spaces on their way out post-pandemic, the influx of gen z in the workforce, the rise of hybrid work and the gig economy demanding flexible work space, coworking is in great demand. According to market research conducted by Mordor Intelligence, “Major flexible and coworking spaces doubled, and floor space increased by 150% between 2019 and 2021.”

This prominent increase in interest is, in part, due to the utility these agile office spaces offer. So, what are the benefits of coworking?


Coworking enables numerous ambitious startups, enterprises and freelancers to work under the same roof, connecting various individuals with diverse backgrounds, opening up new doors of opportunity. At Daftarkhwan members can gain access to several workshops, firesides and insights sessions, as well as networking events at every site, which fosters an intermingling of industries and experiences. Helping our supercommunity find new perspectives and ways to problem solve which in the process, drives innovation.

An event at Daftarkhwan | One.


Coworking spaces not only make for unparalleled synergy attributed to a free flow of ideas, but promotes a culture of community and camaraderie with the people working with and around you, providing a unique sociability that improves mood and boosts creativity.

“Daftarkhwan is not just a combination of a well-designed work environment and a well-curated work experience, but for me, what mattered the most is that the people who work here have substantial autonomy and can be their best authentic selves,” states Cynia Ejaz upon joining Daftarkhwan as the Regional Manager, North, highlighting Daftarkhwan’s commitment to inclusivity regardless of gender, race, religion or ethnicity.

Elevator at Daftarkhwan | Vogue


By taking care of day-to-day administrative problems, providing amenities you need like a stable WiFi connection or a constant flow of coffee and a well trained staff to cater to your every need, coworking spaces are an extremely convenient and cost-effective alternative to your standard office. This is further emphasized by their prime locations, an effort to reduce commute.

At Daftarkhwan we offer additional services such as The Yellow Bar, which provides our members with in-house meals and a kids playroom, ensuring parents can come to work without having to worry about their kids, “Being a father, I’ll have mental peace that my baby is in safe hands,” says Ahmed Iqbal, Head of Graphic Designing at Globital.

Nursey at Daftarkhwan | Vogue


Whether you need to take a private call or hold a conference meeting, coworking spaces are equipped with open plan halls, an abundance of private offices, huddle rooms and skype pods, that allow for a flexible workplace suited to everyone.

At Daftarkhwan we take this a step further by providing members with universal key card access to all our sites, providing clients with scalable office space, adapting to their rapidly growing teams, and by being open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 9pm, letting them set their own schedules. With nocturnal packages running through daftarkhwan | North (Islamabad) and daftarkhwan | Central (Lahore) operating 24/7, we create space for those individuals that are more productive during the night.

Lounge at Daftarkhwan | Vogue


When so many businesses are under one roof, security becomes essential. Daftarkhwan provides members with private lockers and biometric doors complete with attendance logs. In addition all 7 sites offer onsite parking, allowing clients the security and convenience of bringing their own vehicles to work. Daftarkhwan also offers 24 hour surveillance in order to ensure the safety of your business and belongings, so you can continue to grow with peace of mind. “For both genders it’s a really good place to interact and access resources. Safety has never been an issue at all,” affirms Naima Ahmed, Legal Expert for the World Bank funded PRIDE (Punjab Resource Improvement and Digital Effectiveness Program) project.


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