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How to motivate yourself?

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In the midst of a global recession, workers- regardless of their positions- seem to be floundering on how to remain productive when they feel so incredibly demotivated. This is especially true for the Pakistani startup ecosystem as it sees investment deals plummet quarterly from the unprecedented peak we saw in 2021.

According to a study published by Microsoft just this September, almost 50% of employees and 53% of managers feel extremely disengaged and burnt out at work. This illustrates the problem but also gives rise to a pertinent question: How can you motivate yourself?

Set Weekly Achievable Goals

According to a study conducted by Latham and Locke, goal-setting increased performance and productivity by 11–25%.

Work always seems more daunting when it is perceived as a looming monolith, which is why breaking it down into small achievable components helps make tasks less overwhelming. Rather than trying to get everything done as fast as you can, it helps to set weekly achievable goals to foster a sense of achievement and gratification whenever an individual completes a task. When paired with a little reward at significant milestones, acting as both an incentive and positive reinforcement, managing to successfully complete a week’s goals makes individuals feel increasingly motivated.

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Constructive Feedback

One of the major reasons workers feel demotivated is because of a feeling of alienation from the work they’re doing, often caused by the inability to see what impact their immediate work has on the business and its trajectory. This disconnect is easily bridgeable by constructive feedback by managers and coworkers that lets employees know what they’re doing well, their work’s direct reflection on the business and how they can further improve their performance. The exchange of constructive feedback doesn’t just help contextualize a worker’s performance but also creates an open work culture that centers approachability and a free flow of ideas, essential in startups.

Building Meaningful Relationships at the Workplace

Increased rates of burnout during the covid 19 pandemic were in part, caused by the fact that people were working in isolation.But now after three years, despite making use of digital communication tools such as Zoom, Teams and Slack during the pandemic, as the corporate world attempts to shift to hybrid and in person work, individuals are struggling to readjust to the social element.

You can bolster this shift by forging meaningful relationships at the workplace based on a strong foundation of mutual respect. Coworking catalyzes this process by hosting a variety of businesses under one roof, showcased by the diverse inclusive community fostered by Daftarkhwan. “When you’re so far away from everything, your home, your friends, your family, your culture, Daftarkhwan is a place where you can feel safe,” according to Kathrina Pliskal, who temporarily shifted to Pakistan from Austria during her role as the Project Development Coordinator for Pakistan at Gender Concerns International, a non-profit organization that conducts election observation missions through a gendered lens.

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Work-Life Balance

To avoid feeling demotivated, individuals need to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Avoid working at the office overtime and taking work home. Ideally work shouldn’t impede on the time you need for your family, your friends and yourself. By having enough time to themselves, workers tend to be healthier and well rested which makes their actual demarcated working hours more effective. This includes taking little well-deserved breaks during the working day, especially after finishing major tasks.

However, everyone tends to have specific hours when they are most productive or want to be free to spend time with their loved ones, making flexible working hours a big motivator. This is especially true for individuals working for companies operating in foreign time zones. Research co-conducted by the University of Minnesota and MIT shows that flexible work significantly lowers burnout and increases job satisfaction. In order to empower individuals to set their own schedules, Daftarkhwan offers 9am- 9pm packages along with nocturnal packages that allow you to work 9pm- 6am at certain prime locations.

A Change of Scenery

Breaking the mundanity of work by changing your work environment is an effective way to broaden your perspective, boost creativity and heighten productivity. According toGensler’s Workplace Performance Index, a good office design can raise employee productivity by 20%. Daftarkhwan provides its members with a diverse vibrant space- fitted with exquisite coworking halls, skype pods, team rooms and conference rooms- and by allowing key-card access to all of its sites, letting you work at different locations.

Work is a major aspect of our lives; it shouldn’t have to feel like a chore or burden, making it essential for us to motivate ourselves and in the process, ensure the longevity of our best work.


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