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Gen Z at work

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With fresh batches of graduates and skilled individuals entering the workforce every year, Gen Z, born between the years 1997 and 2012, are finally setting foot into the corporate world, predicted by Adobe to form 27% of the workforce by 2025.

However, Gen Z’s introduction to the workplace is happening in not just a time of great economic duress but amidst a global pandemic that has greatly shifted how businesses operate and what their workers, particularly this generation, requires of them. According to research conducted by Adobe in 2021, 59% of Gen Z workers felt dissatisfied with their jobs. This dissatisfaction arose from a number of interlinked factors that can be majorly assigned to the rigidity of workplaces to evolve from archaic practices that are no longer feasible or productive in this new milieu.

So what exactly does Gen Z want from their workplace? Daftarkhwan conducted its very own survey across its five sites to investigate and found Gen Z to most highly covet:

Flexible Timings

According to research conducted by Adobe 62% of Gen Z workers felt pressured to work a typical 9–5 which they felt was less than ideal. While some may reap the benefits of working these hours, most Gen Z find it difficult whether it be due to distractions from their environment, usually in the form of other working family members during this time when working remotely, following different international time zones or, as Adobe reported, being more productive in the 6pm to 3am window like 26% of their sample.

Daftarkhwan’s own survey demonstrated 59.8.% Gen Z workers prefer flexible timings, which Daftarkhwan aims to provide by being accessible 24/7, not just during the day but at night through nocturnal packages that grant access from 9pm to 6am.

Hybrid Working

Suffering from both, the limitations imposed by the pandemic and increased isolation due to a lack of socializing, otherwise found in a standard office setting, 35% Gen Z workers want a hybrid model of work where they can work from home when needed yet still have an office they identify with and use, often for team building, enriched by coworking spaces, or meetings.

Daftarkhwan enables this model by providing businesses with Satellite Offices, easily bookable meeting and conference rooms and unrivaled transparency through its open space coworking hall, encouraging safe distance collaboration between teams. The abrupt oscillation between working at home and an office is also eased by allowing members access to a variety of strategically located sites, reducing commute, where they have the liberty to not just do their best work but also unwind in our lounges and enjoy thrilling rounds of Tekken with their coworkers.

Lounge area at Daftarkhwan | One

Diversity and Mentorship

As one of the most diverse generations entering the workplace, Gen Z is constantly on the lookout for companies that are progressive and inclusive on more than just paper, ready to nurture them and enable their growth. 32.5% of our sample insisted diversity at work was crucial while 27.5% listed mentorship as a massive incentive to join a workplace.

By providing a community of talented and experienced professionals from a variety of career paths and backgrounds, Daftarkhwan ensures a network of diverse individuals that continue learning from and encouraging others. A zero judgment zone, our members feel empowered to come to work without worrying about what they’re wearing or how they’ll be perceived.

Social Responsibility and Ethical Leadership

While it’s easy to get caught up in the rat race of life, Gen Z greatly appreciates and actively looks for companies that are cognizant of their corporate social responsibility, leading their businesses ethically and without discrimination. 27.5% of our sample reported social responsibility was essential in their employers while 28.75% highlighted ethical leadership as a priority.

Leading by example, we encourage a democratic and open environment that encourages close bonds between teams and businesses alike, welcoming individuals from all ethnicities, genders, religions and orientations.

People networking at Daftarkhwan | One lounge area

Prioritizing Mental Health and Healthcare Benefits

With the pandemic well into its fifth wave, Gen Z are understandably concerned about their health — physical and mental. While 45% propagate for healthcare benefits an even greater percentage, 52.5%, center prioritizing mental health due to the ever-increasing cases of burnout, depression and anxiety caused by isolation.

To mitigate these adverse effects, Daftarkhwan has engaged its supercommunity members such as Zaaviyah to host an Insights session on how to recognize and treat burnout and depression that seems to have grown rampant since the advent of Covid 19.

Daftarkhwan frequently organizes vaccination drives for community members. The teams are currently busy holding a vaccination drive for the Covid booster shots to ensure maintenance of everyone’s well being whilst partnerships with companies such as Oladoc, Care Central Pharmacy, Broadway Dental Studio and SGH provide members with unprecedented healthcare benefits such as discounts, on-call counselling and express deliveries.

As the one’s preceding them, it’s our responsibility to make sure our workplaces are conducive to the growth and development of this new tide of workers. So is your workplace Gen Z ready?


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