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The Daftarkhwan Abstraction

Daftarkhwan Exterior Shot

Daftarkhwan is movement — it’s an abstract concept that materializes as the products, space & services we deliver.

Daftarkhwan was conceived to tackle one singular problem: to enable entrepreneurs and to support them in their exciting, turbulent & invaluable journey of building their business and reaching escape velocity.

The path to realizing that vision was to build a solid community around entrepreneurship. One that would empower entrepreneurs when they availed the services Daftarkhwan provides, as well as by the associations & friendships they forged as part of this community. We execute on that focus in the events we orchestrate, the community we amass, the operations we run and the facilitation we provide.

A picture of a laptop

The first step in that path was to deliver the most urgent need of the time: developing quality physical infrastructure that would mitigate the hassle, cost & time-lost for entrepreneurs to set up and operate their offices.

We started shopping around for the perfect space in 2015, locked our first location in February of 2016 and flung open the doors in August that same year. Today that same site stands as Daftarkhwan | One: home to more than 100 of the most brilliant entrepreneurs, innovators and professionals that the Pakistani ecosystem has ever seen.

Over time, Daftarkhwan has grown from a small 22-person band of young professionals to an army of more than 300 entrepreneurs, 40+ organisations and countless partnerships. These people come from idea-stage social impact startups to multi-billion dollar multinationals.

People in a meeting

Daftarkhwan is a startup with a dream to enable other startups.

We grow with our community — and that community constitutes Daftarkhwan as an eclectic mix of some of the most brilliant & diverse individuals in this ecosystem of ours. With their quirks, positivity, energy, and support, they make Daftarkhwan what it is — and we are eternally grateful to all of them.

The view is excellent when you’re standing on the shoulders of giants.


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