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7 Kinds of Workspaces at Your Local Daftarkhwan

A woman works on her laptop outdoors.

According to Statista, by the end of 2024, there will be almost 42,000 coworking spaces globally, with an annual growth rate of 21.3%. Coworking spaces are a versatile corporate solution for freelancers, startups, and established enterprises, providing them with flexibility, networking opportunities, and a dynamic work environment that fosters creativity and collaboration.

Amongst these is Pakistan’s premium coworking space, Daftarkhwan, spanning a tremendous 250,000 sq. ft, across 9 sites in 3 cities, home to 290+ diverse businesses and 3000+ professionals.

So what exactly do we have to offer? Here’s 7 kinds of workspaces at your local Daftarkhwan:


A vibrant coworking hall in Daftarkhwan | Alpha.

Perfect for professionals who draw inspiration and energy from their environment and the community around them, coworking is an adaptable work model that lets professionals from various industries and organizations work under the same roof in a managed office space.  

Whether you’re a remote worker that wants to establish a productive routine or a business that prizes flexible working, our premium coworking halls situate you within a larger community, racing toward their own goals. A hub of creativity and disruption, coworking places you at the heart of the startup ecosystem, sparking conversation, new partnerships and ventures.

Private Offices

A private office compound.

A cost effective alternative to a traditional office, a private office situated in a coworking facility has the agility to scale up or down in size, according to the needs of your business. At Daftarkhwan, we offer customizable private offices varying from a capacity of 4 individuals to full floors for leading enterprises such as Careem, EY and Reckitt. 

Our private offices provide a secure and focused environment that boosts productivity and intra-company communication. 

Meeting Space

A boardroom in Daftarkhwan | Vanguard.

Need a place to collaborate and organize your brilliant ideas? Daftarkhwan has executive meeting space, from meeting rooms with a capacity of 6 people to ornate conference rooms and opulent board rooms with a capacity of 20+ individuals. Available to both our members and external clients, our easily-bookable meeting spaces are perfect for holding meetings, interviews and workshops. 

Event Space

A man smiling and conversing with another man at an event space at Daftarkhwan | Downtown.

Unleash your event's potential at Daftarkhwan's vibrant indoor and outdoor spaces, accommodating up to 200+ guests across our various sites. Host unforgettable community gatherings, meet-and-greets, or corporate celebrations in an environment that ignites creativity and fosters connection.

Want something a little extra? We offer Content as a Service (CaaS) to organizations looking to capture and catalyze lifetime value from their products, services and events. We also offer complete event management services as part of CaaS which includes catering, guest list management and event outreach on our social media platforms.


A girl writing in her notebook in a lounge.

Looking for an office space exclusively for your company? Our Bespoke solution provides exclusive established enterprises with the incredible opportunity to curate an office that reflects their unique brand. From selecting a hallmark location and designing a vibrant and agile workplace, to extending the hospitality of our trained staff, Bespoke powers your hybrid strategy while enriching employee experience. 

Daftarkhwan Studio

A podcast room, set up with professional mics.

In a world where content is becoming increasingly versatile and omnichannel, Daftarkhwan aims to make different avenues of content creation accessible. Currently available in Daftarkhwan | Alpha (Rawalpindi) and Daftarkhwan | Fairways (Lahore), Daftarkhwan Studio is a chain of podcast rooms that seamlessly integrate impeccable sound with state-of-the-art equipment, allowing you to produce high quality content in a space brimming with inspiration.

With 24/7 access, professional soundproofing and modular furniture that lets you design your ideal recording space, our podcast room is perfect for the creatives who want to forge their own path.

Virtual Office

An office space with a view of a golf course.

A virtual office is a budget-friendly service that allows your business to enjoy the benefits of a conventional office, without having to lease physical office space. Giving your business a formal address and access to essential corporate amenities like meeting room hours, mail handling, a phone system and front desk services, Daftarkhwan’s virtual offices take your remote work experience to the next level while affording your business additional credibility. 

As coworking spaces globally expand, it sets a benchmark with its comprehensive offerings from coworking hubs to private and virtual offices, catering to a broad spectrum of professional needs.


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