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How Can Your Business Benefit from a Virtual Office?

An executive office at Daftarkhwan | Vanguard.

Despite the return-to-office movement and its admittedly faltering momentum, traditional offices and work models are quickly becoming outdated, unable to meet the demands of the workforce. In a cultural climate where remote and hybrid working reigns supreme, virtual offices are an essential tool for growth, especially for freelancers, startups and small businesses.

A coworking hall at Daftarkhwan | Alpha.

A virtual office is a budget-friendly service, typically found in coworking spaces, that allows your business to enjoy the benefits of a conventional office, without having to lease physical office space. According to a study conducted by Frost & Sullivan, virtual offices can help businesses reduce their total overhead costs by up to 30%.

The exterior of a corporate building, Daftarkhwan | Downtown.

Despite the lack of a physical office, a virtual office gives your business a formal address in a central business district, boosting the credibility of your venture and helping you register your business. Virtual offices in Daftarkhwan let you work from the commercial hubs of Gulberg and DHA to prestigious locations like the special technology zone at NASTP, and Constitution Avenue. Not tied down by geographical restraints, virtual offices save employees on commute and let your business access a broader talent pool.

A woman talking to a receptionist at a corporate reception.

By offering mail handling services, a phone system and an active reception, virtual offices further streamline administrative processes, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core functions.

Vijay Tirathrai with Pakistani founders in a lounge at Daftarkhwan | Downtown.

The additional professional veneer Daftarkhwan’s virtual offices offer is extremely useful, letting you host and impress clients, investors and new recruits in its spacious corporate lounges. With convenient access to state of the art meeting and conference rooms, Daftarkhwan lets you touch base with your team while its vibrant huddle rooms are perfect for brainstorming in smaller groups.

A man and three women in a meeting at Daftarkhwan | Vanguard.

As remote and hybrid work models continue to evolve, solutions like the virtual office continue to disrupt how businesses operate by providing them with increased productivity, credibility and flexibility.


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