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Daftarkhwan Celebrates the Launch of It’s 10th Site

A group of men conversing.

Daftarkhwan has reached yet another monumental milestone. Last weekend, Daftarkhwan celebrated the iconic launch event of it’s 10th site, Daftarkhwan | Boulevard. Located in Lahore’s biggest business district, Main Boulevard, Daftarkhwan | Boulevard provides aspirational enterprises and accomplished professionals with iconic office spaces and full floor team compounds with clear views of Lahore’s soaring skyline. Adorned with minimalist abstractions, brushed steel and pristine leather details, Boulevard is Daftarkhwan’s most premium site yet.

Daftarkhwan | Boulevard lit up with purple and yellow lighting.

Aglow in hues of purple and yellow with soft rock music floating from its doors, the six floor stand alone site welcomed a multitude of founders, A-listers and industry leaders from a variety of fields such as FMCG, SaaS, banking, tech, education, healthcare and fashion.

Ayub Ghauri, Executive Director at NetSol Technologies, affirmed,

“Daftarkhwan has proven they are the market leaders. They continuously innovate, coming up with yet another flagship. And this is what I’ve been telling the team as well, keep at it because youth needs such platforms, such communities.”

A table laden with delicately arranged food and flowers.

With a decadent spread, exclusive giveaways and printed polaroids as little mementos, Boulevard’s launch made for a truly unforgettable night.

Celebrating a legacy spanning 8 years and overcoming impossible obstacles in the process, Daftarkhwan kicks off a new chapter.

Saad Idrees, Co-founder of Daftarkhwan, holding a mic.

In his keynote speech, Daftarkhwan’s Co-founder Saad Idrees, stated, 

“Coworking just happens to be what we’re doing but we don’t self-identify as just a coworking space, it's actually much more than that. What we’re really truly in the mission to do is to build enabling environments for innovators, changemakers, those who think about the world differently and for them to be able to bring their idea to life and to spread that idea to as many people as possible. With that mission in mind, welcome to Daftarkhwan | Boulevard. This is the upgrade, the new version- as we write what we call Act 2.”

As the curtains close on the momentous launch event of Boulevard, a new chapter unfolds in Daftarkhwan’s epic journey. Stay tuned for more remarkable feats Act 2!


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